From families and individuals to business owners and institutions, Andrew Garrett advisors have the expertise and experience to provide guidance for a wide range of financial planning needs. Their approach is as disciplined as it is strategic. It is all about developing a long-term relationship built on understanding and trust.

Andrew Garrett, Inc. offers a range of traditional options to a more complex blend of managed or alternative investment products including:

  • Traditional investments - such as stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit, options, mutual funds, and ETFs.

  • Insurance Products - We can help reduce the risk of financial loss by utilizing life, health, disability, long-term care and other insurance products

  • Alternative Investments - We offer access to a wide range of alternative investment products such as REITs, private placements,  oil and gas programs and other alternative investments.

  • Advisory services - our platform provides a full range of fee-based advisory programs across all major custodians including advisor-directed accounts, separate accounts managed by third-party money managers, well-known institutional asset managers, and managed account programs.

  • Retirement Planning Services and Education Products - We offer a wide range of retirement accounts, plans and products, including IRAs, SEP IRAs, SAR-SEP IRAs, Simple IRAs, Roth IRAs, 401(k) plans, pension plans, profit-sharing plans, variable annuities and 529 plans.

You will work together with your advisor to build a customized plan just for you, taking into account all of your objectives, while also emphasizing your specific risk tolerance – a critical balance that our advisors excel at, given our unique blend of being a boutique advisory firm with bulge bracket resources.  With a conservative approach to investing and a commitment to integrity, your advisor is backed by the size and resources of our clearing firm, the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), while delivering the personal touch and feel of an independent firm.